Sailcloth Wash Bags - €25

The hunt to find men's washbags suitable for travelling that weren't bulky or made of heavy materials was getting exhausting. But from this tiresome journey came the idea of PriscaBags sailcloth washbags! 
  • These bags are made from sailcloth, the type depends on what we are given. The zips & handles colours vary.
  • Good size for a toothbrush, razor, comb. Light, squishy and washable.  
  • Great for traveling and not just used for wash gear. They have been spotted as pencil cases as well as bags for chargers & cables. 
  • Approx. 22cm long X 7cm high X 11cm wide.
  • Contact us to place an order.
  • 5 Colourful Wash Bags hanging on the line
    5 Colourful Wash Bags hanging on the line
  • Wash Bag Blue Zip
    WBBZ Wash Bag Blue Zip
  • Wash bag Yellow Zip
    WBYZ Wash bag Yellow Zip
  • Wash Bag Black Zip
    WBBZ Wash Bag Black Zip
  • Wash Bag Green Zip
    WBGZ Wash Bag Green Zip
  • Wash Bag Red Zip
    WBRZ Wash Bag Red Zip
  • Let's go swimming!!
    Let's go swimming!!
  • Chargers and Cables
    Chargers and Cables