Netflix - The Crown

I’m half way through watching the Crown. I am very interested in all the comments and controversy over it. Not sure what to think?? But it must be difficult for people alive today to watch a soap opera based on their lives. What must they feel knowing that their private conversations were fabricated?

However, on that note, I’m adoring the costumes – the attention to detail and how right they got the fashion for those times. Being of a certain age, I can remember the outfits!! Probably even had similar in my own wardrobe. There was a great article in the weekend FT about the costume design (

And that engagement ring ... Can’t help but fantasise about Lady Di keeping it, and some of her other precious items, in a PriscaBag Liberty Lawn Jewellery Pouch. But I certainly wouldn’t want Camilla keeping her Fred & Gladys bracelet in one!